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When you hire someone to do a job for you, you expect to receive high quality services that are worth you money. You work hard day in, day out, so when it comes to spending your wages you expect the same dedication from other people. Moving to a new home or office is a major process that requires a lot of work. You have to contend with everything from planning, packing, booking, heavy lifting, driving, dismantling, rebuilding, sorting, and much more. It is easy to be overwhelmed by all this, especially if you feel you aren’t up to some of the tasks or you lack certain recourse. That’s why removal firms exist, to do the tough tasks for you and allow you to enjoy your relocation. Paddington Removals is one such company and after one phone call on 020 8746 9647, we can help you with every aspect your move in Paddington and beyond and we can guarantee that we will be worth your money.

We aim to make the entire experience enjoyable by being dedicated to your requirements and providing the best service and staff that will keep everything running motherly and on time. Information is another key weapon, as the more you know the better you can go about the process and it assists us because we can do specifically what you end. This all starts when you call us because we will be there to answer all of your questions, give you tips and advice on your move so that you will be confident and have a full understating of what has to be done. At this point we will want to hear about your move, so tell us about what sort of items will have to be handled, how many things will have to be packed and transported, when it as to occur and where you are moving from and too. This will ensure you get the support you need. We can tell you more about our services at this time as well as offer free, no commitment quotes.

The other ways we can guarantee a successful move is by hiring the best staff. You will encounter this when you call but get a real example when our staff arrives at your door. Each person will be friendly, skilled and experienced, so they can do the job t the highest standard, as well as discuss things with you, answer your questions and more. They will bring all the materials and equipment necessary that will allow them to pack your goods. They will sort them, then wrap them individually, and then carefully place them into suitable boxes. We will have a verity of materials and boxes so whatever you own it can be made safe to carry and transport. We will take the same procedure when moving your furniture and will be able to get each open through doors and up and down stairs. Everything will be loaded into our vehicles and taken to where they are needed.

We have storage facilities where we can hold onto any or all of your things for as long as you wish. You are free to come and collect them whenever you like or you can request that we deliver them directly to you. If you are moving from Paddington and into Europe then we can also help you with that by assisting with the paperwork and transporting your items to your new home aboard.
    If you’re moving to, from or around Paddington then you can’t go wrong with Paddington Removals.